The UK’s first and the world’s biggest retailer of Fairtrade.

Sainsbury's Fairtrade Story

Fairtrade -Tea Man ProducerSainsbury’s was one of the first retailers to sell Fairtrade products, over 20 years later, Sainsbury’s is now the world's largest retailer of Fairtrade products.  

Sainsbury’s aims to provide customers with quality products at a fair price, sourced in a way that's better for the farmers, growers and workers involved.  Offering a wide range of Fairtrade products is part of this and can make a real difference to the lives of people in developing countries.

Selling Fairtrade-certified products ensures that producers in developing countries are given a guaranteed minimum price, which is especially important when market prices fall. Producers also receive the Fairtrade Premium to invest in business and community development.

See how Sainsbury's supports Fairtrade

Sainsbury’s Café

sainsburys cafeAll Sainsbury’s Cafés sell Fairtrade tea, coffee, and hot chocolate as well as a selection of Fairtrade treats. All Fairtrade products carry the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Fair Development Fund

We have a special fund to enable more farmers and growers in the developing world to sell their produce as Fairtrade. The unique fund, which will be run by Comic Relief, and financed by Sainsbury’s, aims to create a broader and more collaborative way of supporting Fairtrade. A major aim of the fund is to enable producers in some of the poorest developing countries to meet the Fairtrade standards so they can start selling internationally on fairer terms. The fund will help in developing sustainable solutions through new Fairtrade initiatives.


Sainsbury's was the one of the first retailers to convert its bananas to 100% Fairtrade in 2007.

Sainsbury's bananas


In 2009, all Sainsbury's brand roast and ground coffee became 100% Fairtrade.


100% of Sainsbury’s brand tea is now Fairtrade and our popular Red Label tea has been Fairtrade since 2008.

Sainsbury's red label


Sainsbury's was the first UK retailer to convert all of its own label cane sugar to 100% Fairtrade in 2008.

Sainsbury's sugar


Over 30 Own Brand chocolate products including dark, milk and white chocolate are Fairtrade.

sainsburys chocolate


100% of our Taste the Difference South African wines are Fairtrade.

Sainsbury's Fairtrade wine