Supporter Conference 2017 workshop options

The following workshops will be run at the Supporter Conference, and you can attend two. You will be asked for your 3 preferred workshops upon registering so that we can ensure as many people as possible are able to attend the workshops they would like. 

A. How much should Fairtrade innovate in response to trends in corporate sustainability approaches?
Fairtrade’s come a long way in the last 23 years, with a huge amount of change in the world around us, including in our relationships with the businesses we work with. Come and discuss with us the changing landscape for Fairtrade, and share your ideas on how Fairtrade can continue to influence businesses in the pursuit of trade justice and improved livelihoods for farmers, workers and miners. 

 B. Direct Trade or Fairtrade coffee – the wrong question?
What are the misunderstandings between Direct Trade versus Fairtrade? Why is Fairtrade good for people and planet? What do Fairtrade standards mean for coffee farmers? How does Fairtrade empower coffee farmers and their communities? Come along for an open discussion.

C. Brexit trade campaign workshop
Brexit could mean the biggest shift in trade policy for a generation. Join trade policy experts to explore how Britian leaving the EU could affect producers from the world’s poorest countries, and what we can do about it. 


Working with your MP on Fairtrade

How can MPs support Fairtrade in parliament, and in their constituency? And how can you work with them to increase their support for Fairtrade and marginalised producers? We will explore success stories, and share practical advice on how to approach and work with your local MP.

E. Engaging with universities
Come to this session to hear the latest updates on engagement with universities. Our Education team has been developing a new scheme with the National Union of Students refreshing our Fairtrade Universities Award. We'll also discuss ways to engage with local universities and students in your local campaign.

F. Campaigning online for Fairtrade 
The digital age offers many new ways to campaign for change from influencing companies and public debate, to growing and connecting the Fairtrade movement. This will be a practical discussion ideal for those who want to take their online campaigning to the next level.

G. Regenerate your campaign
Join us for a conversation on how to overcome your particular local campaigning challenges. Each steering group is unique and faces different challenges, but many are also finding solutions that can apply to others - whether recruiting new members, refreshing the story for local media, or communicating the latest news on Fairtrade. Come to share your own concerns and find potential solutions.

H. All about cocoa
Who grows the cocoa we love and in what conditions and who cares? We will discuss where cocoa is grown, who it is grown by and some of the challenges they face. We will look at some of the things that are being done to tackle the issues and consider what might happen next in an era of low prices.

I. Flying the flag for Fairtrade
Come for a workshop organised by companies which were created to make trade fairer! Join Fairtrade organisations including Zaytoun, Liberation Foods, Divine Chocolate, Tropical Wholefoods and Shared Interest, brands that have been doing business differently and leading the Fairtrade market for years. Find out how they can support your local campaign and how they are continuing to innovate to make trade fairer for producers.

J. Fairtrade Fortnight 2018
This is the most exciting time of the year for Fairtrade! How can we make it bigger, better and more exciting than ever before? We will share the Fairtrade Fortnight 2018 theme with you and we need you! We need your ideas for great events and new ways to to get the Fairtrade message heard near you. This is the space to get inspired and inspire others so bring along your creativity, or just come and get ideas from others.  

K. From Sweatshops to Fair Trade: A personal journey
Hear the extraordinary account of textile factory manager Vishwaraj Maghoo's personal journey from managing sweatshops in Mauritius and other countries to setting up his own Fair Trade company. Vishrawaj is joined by Andy Ashcroft from Koolskools, the UK's leading Fairtrade cotton uniform supplier to discuss the radical change needed within our clothing industry.

L. Together for refugees: The latest installment in Ben & Jerry's ice cream fuelled activism
Apart from using Fairtrade ingredients to produce the finest quality ice cream filled with delicious chunks and swirls, Ben & Jerry’s is an activist company that uses its voice to speak out & support action on social justice issues.  This year they are teaming up with International Rescue Committee to support legislation that would help refugees resettle safely in Europe. Come & find out more about the Together for Refugees campaign & share your ideas for how to bring the campaign to life in your community.