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  • Ian Berry photographing gold mining in Uganda

    Fairtrade Gold: A journey from Mine to Maker photographed by Ian Berry

    19 September 2017 by Sonia Navarrete, Fairtrade

    British photographer Ian Berry has seen much of the world during his career at Magnum Photos. His lens has brought into focus harsh realities from the Sharpeville massacre in 1960 to conflict, famine and apartheid. Now he turns his lens to the exploitative scene of artisanal gold mining.

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  • Gold

    Gold design awards: winning piece created

    26 July 2017 by Tim Ingle of Ingle & Rhode

    It’s been really exciting to see the progress made by Fairtrade Gold since its launch in 2011. In 2015, for example, year on year volume sales were up more than 400%.

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  • Gold in Kenya 3

    Making history with Kenyan gold

    28 August 2015 by Martine Parry, Media and PR Manager at the Fairtrade Foundation

    The hot, dry air and golden African light envelopes us as we begin our winding journey around Lake Victoria to Migori, a small Kenyan community close to the Tanzanian border.

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  • Peru 1

    Gold: A precarious existence

    20 August 2015 by Victoria Waugh, Major Account Manager for the Fairtrade Foundation

    Victoria Waugh recounts her trip to Peru to meet Fairtrade gold miners.

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