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  • Zeddy - coffee farmer in Kenya

    Fairtrade projects cope with climate change: from biogas to carbon credits

    16 June 2017 by Susannah Henty

    Zeddy Rotich is a coffee farmer from Kenya. She’s also a mum of two young children and every day, before taking her children to school and going to work in the fields she used to wake up early each morning, walk to the forest and collect firewood. 

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  • Brazil

    A taste of real Brazil: coffee from Fairtrade cooperative CAFESUL

    15 August 2016 by By Carlos Renato Alvarenga Theodoro, Director of Fairtrade coffee cooperative CAFESUL

    With the Olympics shining a spotlight on Brazil, we turn to the farmers who cultivate one of the country’s treasures – coffee. Brazil grows about a third of all coffee, making it by far the heavyweight champion of the coffee-producing world. Carlos Renato Alvarenga Theodoro from a Fairtrade-certified coffee cooperative CAFESUL reflects how Fairtrade has helped farmers find their fortunes by investing in top quality production.

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  • Drying patios


    27 July 2016 by Sebastian Lander, the Fairtrade Foundation

    Over the last three years, the Fairtrade Foundation has partnered with businesses on a range of innovative projects to deliver even greater impact for farmers.

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  • coffee Ethiopia

    10 facts about Fairtrade coffee

    8 April 2016 by Anna Galandzij, the Fairtrade Foundation

    Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages. And with around 2.2 billion cups of coffee being sold in the UK in 2014, it is a lucrative multi-billion pound business. However, a closer look at the supply chain shows coffee is a complex and often an unfair affair for the person behind every bean – the farmer. Fairtrade drives a fairer, more sustainable way of trading.  

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  • Percol

    Percol coffee and Fairtrade team up to fight coffee plant disease

    15 March 2016 by Harriet Matley, Percol Coffee

    Percol Coffee and the Fairtrade Foundation join forces to help coffee farmers in Guatemala tackle devastating coffee plant disease, ‘La Roya’.

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  • Cafeology 2

    On birds Fairtrade and sustainability

    27 May 2015 by Bryan Unkles, founder and director of Cafeology Ltd

    I started Cafeology just over 10 years ago. 


    My inspiration for the business came during a trip to a coffee roaster in Holland, where I was introduced to the Max Havelaar Foundation – an organisation that licenses the use of the Fairtrade Certification mark on products in the Netherlands. This piqued my interest in starting a company with similar ethics in the UK, and so Fairtrade formed part of Cafeology’s foundations.

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  • Tanzania

    Enabling African entrepreneurs to build a better future

    23 March 2015 by Stina Porter, Communications Manager at Shared Interest

    A Comic Relief funded partnership between Fairtrade Africa and Shared Interest Foundation is providing vital access to finance for farmers and handcraft makers in Africa.

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  • Cafedirect

    Going above and beyond the Fairtrade label

    19 February 2015 by Irina Negoita, Communications Manager for Cafédirect

    Here at Cafédirect we have always strived to provide an exemplary model and go above and beyond the Fairtrade label, using business as a force for good to change lives and build communities. In addition to the Fairtrade social premiums we pay for the crops, Cafédirect reinvest at least one third of our profits to grower businesses and communities. To date, we have invested over 50% of the profits back into the 40 producer organisations they support across 14 countries! For examples of projects that benefitted from this initiative, visit http://www.cafedirect.co.uk/discover-our-difference/reinvestment/.

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  • teen coffee small

    May the Great British Fairness Debate continue

    13 October 2014 by Brad Hooker is a British American philosopher who specialises in moral philosophy. He is a Professor at the University of Reading, best known for his work defending rule-consequentialism.

    Fairness is a value that virtually everyone in Britain thinks is very important.

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  • Real Brazil: Brazilian Fairtrade coffee producers reveal what the World Cup means to them

    13 June 2014 by dwebb

    When you mention the word Brazil, people inevitably think of three things – carnival, football… and supermodels. Brazil has without much fanfare become an agricultural powerhouse, and is the world’s largest coffee producer and a significant player in the specialty coffee industry. As the 2014 World Cup kicks off, we ask three Brazilian Fairtrade coffee producers what the World Cup means to them.

    Daiana Tavares, General Manager, COOPFAM

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