Boots Extracts

Boots Extracts has been developed to make a difference. The range is one of the first complete beauty care collections to be certified as containing Fairtrade ingredients.

Boots Extracts' Fairtrade Story

boots extracts fairtradeAll the products in the exclusive Boots Extracts range carry the FAIRTRADE Mark and are available online and in-store. 

Fairtrade isn't only about paying workers a fair price but empowering communities to tackle poverty, invest in their futures and protect the environment. 

Andrew Jenkins, Boots UK's Sustainable Development Manager, explains: "It's important for our customers to know where we source our raw ingredients. The Extracts range uses natural ingredients sourced from marginalised communities". 

"By working with the Fairtrade Foundation we ensure a fair price is paid for the produce, plus an extra payment, the Fairtrade Premium, for social, economic and environmental projects." 

At Boots we strive to find ways to make you look and feel great while we remain committed to our value that beauty should have a conscience. 

So delve into Boots Extracts, which features new vanilla and strawberry ranges, body sprays and gift sets, and join us to show that beauty doesn't have to be only skin deep. 

See how Boots Extracts supports Faritrade 

Indulgent Bathing

From the new Strawberry Body Butter, to the sumptuous Almond Body Wash, this gorgeous, exotic array of fragrant lotions, body butters, sprays and scrubs, contain ethically sourced ingredients to revitalise, refresh, pamper and moisturise.

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